HappyLuke’s Rewards Program

At HappyLuke you are rewarded for pretty much everything you do on the site. This reward comes in the form of coins that you can use to purchase items in our shop. You can view how many coins you have on your “My Account” page.

As you collect coins, you will also climb to new user levels – the more coins you collect, the higher the level you will reach. It’s as simple as that!

You may be wondering what exactly it is that you have to do to earn these coins, so we have put together a rewards list for you. The one-time activities are things that you can only do once, while the ongoing activities will give you coins continuously. There are however limits to how many times you can get coins for an activity per hour, day and month.

One-time activities
One-time activities Coins per action
Register an account 5 coins
Change display name 25 coins
Verify your account 200 coins
First deposit 50 coins
Second deposit 25 coins
Third deposit 50 coins
Ongoing activities
Activity Coins per action Hourly limit (# of) Daily limit Monthly limit
Login 10 1 1 31
Rate a room 5 2 2 5
Another player rates your room 10 2 2 10
Rate a game 5 2 2 10
Real money wager 1 25 30 800
Try a game for the first time (real money) 10 4 5 10
Small deposit (500 บาท – 2,495 บาท) 10 2 3 30
Medium deposit (2,500 บาท – 9,995 บาท) 100 2 10 30
Large deposit (10,000 บาท …) 300 3 16 66
Friend signs up and deposits money 250 3 5 20
The shop
The shop is where you can spend the coins that you have earned for being active on the site. The HappyLuke shop offers different types of Bonus Cups, Free Rounds and Locked Bonuses at different prices. In the future, other goodies will become available for sale here too.

The only valid currency in the HappyLuke shop, are the coins that you get as a reward for being active on the site. It’s not possible to purchase shop items with money.


The badges are a representation of your career in our rewards program. You start out as a visitor, and when you reach new member levels, you will also unlock new badges. These badges all relate to different positions in our virtual casino. The final and last goal is becoming the manager of your own casino.

Badges are not just shiny objects that prove your ranking. Every badge will also give you a little extra treat. If you hover over a badge with your mouse you will see what’s required to unlock it, and what the reward is for doing so.

Whenever you earn a new badge, a new avatar connected to that career step will also be unlocked. We will automatically change your avatar once it’s unlocked.

Tournament awards
1st place
2nd place
3rd place

If you have by any chance missed our tournaments here at HappyLuke, you should try them out right away. The tournament awards section is where we display all the trophies that you have won when participating in our tournaments. If you click on the awards, you can scroll through the whole library and look back at what tournaments you have participated in and how much you have won.

One of the great things about our tournaments is that everyone receives a prize for participating. The most attractive prizes are however the trophies, which you will get for placing first, second, or third in a tournament.


Achievements are tokens that you receive for completing certain goals on the site. This could include playing a certain number of different games, winning a certain amount on a game, or just logging in every once in a while. You can hover over an achievement to see what’s required to complete it.

Casino bandits

Watch out! Be aware of the Casino Bandits. They might take your coin savings, so you better use them in the shop, while you still can.


Why do I stop getting coins for certain activities after a while?
There are limitations for how many times you can be rewarded for each activity, per month, day, and hour. To advance past Level 1 in the Rewards Program, a player is required to have made a monetary deposit.

How do I receive rewards?
Rewards can be released along the membership progression. Possible rewards may be found in the shop.

I’ve unlocked a badge. Where’s my reward?
We will send you an email when your reward is available.. Sometimes this happens instantly and sometimes the reward is sent the day after you have unlocked the badge.

I bought a Bonus Cup in the shop without making a deposit. How can I access my bonus later on?
The Bonus Cup will be saved on your account so that the next time you make a deposit you will get any bonus that you have previously purchased, but not yet used.

I have a Bonus Cup, why can’t I use it?
Some Bonus Cups may have deposit requirements. If these requirements are not fulfilled; the Bonus Cup will be left unused for your next deposit.

How can I use my coins?
Coins can only be spent in the shop. Available options are unlocked for your purchase.

I had more coins yesterday. Why did I lose some of them?
Either you have used them to purchase items in the shop or a few casino bandits paid you a visit.

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